Fracture ID


Fracture ID is recognized as an industry leader in the rapidly advancing field of Drillbit Geomechanics™.

Fracture ID Technology provides a natural in-situ means to determine mechanical rock properties using continuous, high-resolution, near-bit drilling-induced vibrations.

Commercially available, rugged, and reliable near-bit downhole data recorders are used to acquire continuous, high-resolution, multi-component drilling dynamics data.  This data allows measurement of Young’s modulus and Poisson’s ratio as well as measuring the presence of fractures and bedding independently

This innovative logging technique offers O&G operators the opportunity for:

Accurate, High Resolution Reservoir Characterization
Development of 4D earth models to identify ideal landing zones, previously undetectable frac barriers and regional sweet spots.

Completions Optimization
Detailed knowledge of rock properties along the well and fracture presence to guide completions design.

Understanding the Impact of Natural Fracture Systems
For the first time, allowing detailed fracture analysis on every well.  Correlation of natural fractures across formations to understand their impacts on drilling, completions and production.

Optimized Well Spacing
Improved understanding of interaction between parent and child wells through high resolution, 3D depletion mapping.

Reduced Drilling Dysfunction
Using the same data collected for Drillbit Geomechanics, NOV can help to reduce drilling days and unnecessary wear on downhole equipment through drilling dysfunction analysis.