Quality Product
Drillbit Geomechanics

In addition to supplying data, we can advise on applying this data to the following areas:

Completions Engineering
Minimizes variance of minimum horizontal stress between perfs in single stage, promoting uniform fracture geometry along wellbore.
Improved perf efficiency driving increased production.
Optimize diversion strategies.
Correlate pumping variations to rock properties.
Design completion for specific mechanical properties.
Avoid/target natural fractures.
Geologic Mapping
Describe vertical and lateral variations.
Map fracture swarms across a section.
Correlate IP to well-to-well trends.
Geophysical Interpretation
Calibrate seismic inversions for rock properties.
Calibrate fracture mapping.
Incorporate Thompson anisotropy factors.
Reservoir Engineering
Understand influence of rock property variations on EUR.
Identify effective fracture half length.
Better calibrated production models.
Formation Evaluation
Improve petrophysical models.
Replace existing wireline mechanical property logs.
Build high resolution models for vertical/lateral spacing.
Drilling Dysfunction*
Reduce or eliminate equipment damage caused by drilling dysfunctions.
Reduce number of bit runs per section.
Reduce overall drilling time.

(*Service provided by NOV as a pass through from Fracture ID)