Optimized Well Spacing

Depletion and Interaction

Improved understanding of interaction between parent and child wells through high resolution, 3D depletion mapping.

Liberty Resources drilled the Green Well 15 feet below the 1 decade old blue wells.  In the map view the orange rectangle represents the microseismic energy recorded both at surface and downhole.  Well 1 was completed as a single stage (resulting in one large fracture), Well 2 was a monitor well (never completed) and Well 3 was completed as 6 stages.

In the rock mechanical data recorded by Fracture ID along the Green Well you can see a clear drop in Poisson’s and spike in fracture presence associated with Well 1’s completion.  The effect can be seen 500′ on either side of Well 1 giving Liberty the opportunity to better understand depletion and well spacing design in this region.

Depletion Map View