Elastic Properties

Downhole, Near-Bit Measurements
For Accurate Reservoir Characterization

Fracture ID’s patent pending technology uses drilling vibrations and forces acting on the bit to characterize mechanical rock properties and rock deformation. Downhole near-bit measurements ensure accurate foot-by-foot property estimation of reservoir heterogeneity.

Elastic parameters such as Young’s modulus (YM) and Poisson’s ratio (PR) are determined by populating stress-strain relations with forces and displacements measured near the drill bit. The elastic parameters are used in a number of engineering and geophysical applications, including in-situ stress estimation, hydrofracture modeling, and elastic parameter mapping with seismic data.

In the figure to the left, Fracture ID’s YM and PR (black) correlate well with the sonic wireline YM and PR (blue) in sections where the sonic semblance is coherent.