Chris Neale, President
Chris is the President and Founder of Fracture ID, Inc., where he is improving the economics of unconventional resource development through high-resolution reservoir description. Chris was a co-Founder of MicroSeismic, Inc., a geophysical services company that brought surface based microseismic monitoring to the industry. He was VP of Business Development there from 2003 to 2015, helping manage and grow the company through two rounds of venture capital funding and a large private equity infusion in 2010. Chris spent his first 18 years in the industry with Texaco, working and living around the world as a petroleum engineer and manager. He has an undergraduate degree from Texas A&M and an MBA from Rice.

Chris lives in Denver and can be found on any particular evening running or biking up mountains.

James Lakings, Chief Technical Officer
Dr. Lakings is an expert geoscientist who has a history of proving innovative new geophysical techniques for imaging subsurface geological structures and mapping crustal permeability. He has worked for both operating and service companies, but finds his passion for developing state-of-the-art solutions to industry leading problems in the exploration and development of natural resources. At Fracture ID, he has pioneered the new scientific field drillbit geomechanics where his diverse industry experiences in the exploration sciences and microearthquake seismology are providing rapid market adoption of an entirely new, cutting edge approach for logging mechanical rock properties in unconventional reservoirs using continuous, high-resolution measurements of drilling vibrations.

Jason Gumble, Chief Scientist
Dr. Gumble began his career at BP in deep water Gulf of Mexico exploration, conducting pore pressure prediction for well bore stability in over-pressured prospects and utilizing look-ahead VSP’s. After a stint with BP in their North American Gas group, working with converted wave data and evaluating anisotropy for prospecting, Jason returned to Colorado in 2008. There he worked for Cimarex Energy utilizing microseismics for formation evaluation, stimulation, and geomechanics in unconventional reservoirs. It was at Cimarex that Jason first partnered with Fracture ID, becoming the first practitioner of drillbit geomechanics, and acquiring Fracture ID’s first data set in the Permian. Joining Fracture ID in 2017, Jason is tasked with Data integration and repeatability. Jason brings a wealth of experience and a passion for innovation to the team.

Ski-biking, a Colorado invention, and mountain biking keep Jason busy on weekends.

Tom Basilico, VP of Finance
Tom is a senior financial executive with an emphasis in leading revenue expansion, cost containment, and cash management initiatives for his previous high-growth employers and clients.  As a seasoned professional with a Big 4 public accounting background, Tom brings a strong operational and common-sense focus to his work, successfully partnering with C-level executives in a broad range of industries including software development, multi-unit retail, distribution, and payment processing. Tom joined Fracture ID in November 2017 to continue their significant growth and high performance.

Barbara Pickup, VP Operations
Barbara has 12+ years of oil and gas exploration and production experience, working many of the major producing basins in the US. She came to Fracture ID most recently from WPX Energy, and has extensive experience integrating geologic information with drilling and completion practices. At Fracture ID, she manages the integration of geological and operation data with the newly patented rock properties data derived from drilling dynamics. Her education and oil and gas experience bring a wealth of knowledge to Fracture ID to ensure our clients get the most comprehensive, cost-effective, geomechanically-derived data possible. The rock fabric and geomechanical data are crucial for proper placement of laterals, optimization of perf clustering, and stage design for hydraulic fracture stimulation.

Josh Ulla, VP Business Development
Josh has a proven track record of applying innovative and outside-the-box solutions to geoscience problems. Originally from Canada, Josh spent his last 6 years before joining Fracture ID working with ExxonMobil in Houston, Texas in the Geophysical Operations and Formation Evaluations Groups. At ExxonMobil, Josh served as the Global Borehole Seismic Expert, and was relied upon to model, design, acquire, process, and interpret seismic and petrophysical data. Prior to this, he completed his masters in potential field magnetic interpretation, bridging his Mathematics degree nicely into geophysical data analytics. Josh has both research & development, as well as hands on field experience, which make him a strong asset to Fracture ID’s development. He is tasked with bringing Fracture ID to market, listening to operators’ concerns, and continually improving Fracture ID’s actionable results.

Having recently moved to Denver, Josh is making the most of the local skiing and hiking.

Advisory Board

Jennifer Miskimins
Petroleum Engineering Professor, Colorado School of Mines
PhD, Petroleum Engineering

Gerald Heisig
Senior VP, Scientific Drilling
Senior Management, Baker Hughes
PhD, Mechanical Engineering