Completions Optimization

Downhole, Near-Bit Measurements
For Improved Completion Design

Detailed knowledge of rock properties along the well and fracture presence to guide completions design.

High resolution data is loaded in Gohfer along the lateral into 1×2 ft bins with all geologic structure and geosteering incorporated.

This allows for:
-Improved perf placement (similarly stressed rock)
-Improved stage placement (reduced stress variance over stage)
-Estimate of impact of induced stress along well bore

As an experiment measuring geometric completions efficiency Fracture ID data was collected along this lateral in the Anadarko Basin and the geometric completion was modeled.  This completion was then shifted 10’ and run again.  This was done 28 times and gave the perf efficiency distribution to the left (black).

Next the modeler adjusted perf placement within the original stage placements to optimize performance and got 78% perf efficiency (blue).  Next a complete stage and perf placement variation was modeled to get 81% (blue).

The take away:

  • A geometric completion offered between 64% and 78% efficiency.
  • Just by moving perfs around, a 78% perf efficiency was gained.
  • Even more gains and reduced costs were experienced by adjusting stage and perf locations based on Fracture ID data.